Back-to-School Loan

For all your Back-to-School Needs.....we've got you covered!

Back to School

Back-to-School Loans

Get a Back-to-School Loan for computers, shoes, books, clothes, french fries, whatever!

Rates and Terms:

  • 8.99 % APR* for up to 36 months;
  • 36 Month Maximum Term
  • Minimum Amount: $750
  • Maximum Amount: $4,000
  • Promotion available only for new loans and does not apply to refinancing of existing North Jersey Federal loans
  • A $49.00 documentation fee will apply.

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* APR – Annual Percentage Rate. Rates are subject to change without notice and this promotion could end at any time. Restrictions may apply. Rates are valid for qualified members and are subject to credit approval. Rates may vary depending on credit, loan amount and loan term. A $49.00 documentation fee will apply. If you borrow $4,000 at 8.99% for 36 months, your monthly payment will be $127.18. The calculated APR will be 9.824% and the effective monthly payment will be $128.74. Contact a Member Service Representative for further details.

Private Student Loans

North Jersey Federal cuScholar Private Student Loan:

  • Borrow as little as $2,000 or up to Cost of Attendance per year for a maximum of $120,000 in undergraduate loans or $160,000 in graduate loans
  • Choose between making interest payments or a nominal $25 Proactive Payment towards the loan while in school.
  • Use the funds for any qualified educational expense, including past due tuition bills.
  • Quick approval once we receive your completed application.
  • Students can apply here:

North Jersey Federal cuGrad Private Student Loan Consolidation:

  • Refinance and consolidate as little as $7,500 or as much as $125,000 in undergraduate private student loan debt or $175,000 in graduate debt.
  • Choose between paying interest only for first 4 years of repayment or standard level repayment the whole term
  • Quick approval once we receive your completed application
  • Students can apply here: