NJFCU Kids Kash Club

Hey kids 17 and under! Join the NJFCU Kids Kash Club! Tell your parents, guardians, and teachers how you can earn while you learn and receive  $3 for every “A” on your report card, up to $15 per marking period!

You can also deposit your change by using our NJFCU Change Exchange located in the Totowa branch!

Become a member and start saving!

Start playing now and have fun online at njfcu.org with two web tools called Googolplex™ and Guides to Independence™. These online programs make it fun to learn about saving, spending and borrowing wisely!

Helps teens gain knowledge and practice through Guides to Independence™ — a series of online interactive tutorials guiding them to financial freedom.
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Googolplex is an online magazine written by youth for credit union youth of all ages. The fun games, stories, and activities deal with the money matters and life issues each age group faces.
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