Personal Banking

While we always look forward to seeing our members when they visit our offices in person, we realize that your schedule doesn't always allow you to do so. Therefore, NJFCU offers a wide range of products and services that allow you easy access to your credit union accounts from home, work or even your car - from anywhere in the world, anytime day or night. As a member of NJFCU, you don't need to be close to one of our offices to enjoy easy access to all your credit union accounts!

Effective February 20, 2015, the new loan late fee will be 10% of the payment or $50, whichever is higher.

Effective February 1, 2015, North Jersey Federal Credit Union will be making the following changes to our fee schedules:

• Shared draft courtesy pay and Non-Sufficient Fund (NSF) fees will increase from $34 to $35
• NSF ACH fee will increase from $34 to $35
• If basic checking falls below $100 average balance, the new fee will be $7 
• Overdraft / transfer fee will be $3 

Certificate of Deposit (CD) early withdrawal penalties will change to:

• Terms of 30 days to 6 months - Penalty is 90 days of interest
• Terms of over 6 months to 18 months - Penalty is 180 days of interest
• Terms of 2 years - Penalty is 270 days of interest
• Terms of 3-5 years - Penalty is 365 days of interest

Due to recent fraudulent activity in Brooklyn, NY, all point of sale debit card transaction will be blocked from use in Brooklyn, NY until further notice

We have been notified by authorities not to use ATMs located within Quick Chek.  They have been compromised in various locations throughout NJ. 

Home Depot’s data breach:

 Due to a data breach, if you have used your NJFCU debit card at Home Depot, your card may have possibly been compromised.  We will be sending Members who's cards have been exposed new cards.  Please contact us with any questions. Home Depot is offering free identity  protection services including credit monitoring to any customer who has shopped at a Home Depot store. You can learn about the identity protection services and how to sign up for them at:

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