Growing Your Small Business in the Age of Digital Marketing


Growing your small business in the age of digital marketing is right at the end of your fingertips.  Social media and digital products have revolutionized advertising and that’s a good thing for the small business owner whose ad dollars are limited. 

            The key is making sure your business is social.  That means interacting regularly with your customer base and introducing your brand to potential clients, through specific channels that targets your audience. 

Certainly, it’s all about the number of connections made, more importantly, when it comes to growing your business, it’s better to narrow the field of social media platforms.  Having 5,000 connections has its benefits, but aim to choose a platform or two, perhaps even three, that rightly suits your services or what you’re selling. 

Digital marketing is an essential tool in developing customer relationships and is a way to maintain existing relationships.  Consider an email marketing campaign by creating an account with one of the many popular email services (i.e. Vertical Response or Constant Contact).  Using a professional email service allows you to communicate directly to your client base while also being able to personalize your message.  

A creative approach that makes your marketing campaign stand out is the way to go.  For example, a motivational speaker can create a clever tagline like, “Life is like photography we develop from the negatives,” and a great tag line is something that will stand out to potential clients and give your customers something to remember you by. 

The point is in today’s economy small businesses must participate in digital marketing.  Using the various digital platforms, including email services, social media and websites, all add up to help you keep returning customers and find new customers.   

Keep in mind, connecting to the right social media is important. Perhaps your business is photography, then Instagram, where you can share compelling images tag others and attract followers, may be the appropriate social media platform for you, along with a savvy photo gallery website.  Couple that with an email marketing campaign specific to new referrals about various packages you offer to clients, will help you reap the rewards from having developed a social media platform that works for you. 

            A recent report by Brittany Farb published in CRM Magazine said, “Digital strategies like social media will influence at least 80 percent of consumers discretionary spending by 2015,” based on data.  Being linked in and globally connected is paying off. 

            Also, the practicality of marketing in the digital age renders instant results.  You can gauge and track the activity of one marketing campaign from another to see how many customers opened your announcement and how many clicked onto a link you provided.  Other social media platforms will provide you with certain demographics that give you useful insight to help identify the concentrated areas of your customer base.   You now have a measureable idea of what’s trending in targeted areas.  Instant information gives you an edge to creating campaigns that work and drive potential clients to your Facebook page, blog or website.   

            I conclude with a question:  Are you one of those business owners perplexed by social media?  My advice would be to hire an intern and keep it moving!