Have Your Resume Written by a Pro

Career Igniter, a website that’s all about resume writing, said it has added a “professional writer” option to its service offering.

For many of us, putting together a winning resume is a real challenge. Even with online tutorials and professional advice, many of us struggle with the finer points of building a resume that stands out, and gets results.

For one thing, many people have a hard time effectively promoting themselves. Others fall back on clichés and use “blah, blah, blah” jargon to describe their accomplishments and experiences.

If you’re in that boat, Career Igniter claims to have a solution with its new resume writing service. The service allows you to turn your resume-writing challenge over to professional resume writers, for a fee.

We looked at the Career Igniter site, and found typical fees ranging from $179 for an “entry level” resume to $349 for an “Executive” resume. Cover letters are extra ($79–$99, in these categories) , as are “thank you” letters ($39 for both categories), lists of references and LinkedIn Profiles ($119 for both).

The service also offers options for Professional ($229), Federal ($319) and Military ($289) resumes.

Career Igniter said it offers a 30-day revision policy and “quick order turnaround” at its careerigniter.com site. The company also offers its “resume builder” app, which has some free, and some fee-based, options to help you build your own resume.

The app does seem to offer some good features, and received a 3.6 rating on Google play. However, it is a DIY process; if you want to simply hand over the job to pros, you’ll have to pay the big bucks for the new professional resume writing service.

Overall, Career Igniter is worth checking out, since you can access quite a bit of good information – and some useful tools – for free. As for their paid services, one thing to keep in mind is that this company has a “no refund” policy in their Terms of Use. So, make sure you are satisfied with the breadth of services offered before you commit to paying them any money.


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