Online Job Listings Up for Month

The number of online job listings increased during April, to 4,923,000, according to some new data from The Conference Board.

It was an increase of 28,900, said the Board – which tracks these listings each month for its Help Wanted OnLine (HWOL) Data Series.

This was a modest rise, and there are still more than two unemployed job seekers for every job available. The Board said there are a total of 5.6 million more unemployed workers than the number of advertised vacancies.

Still, any improvement in available jobs is better than none. What we’re seeing in the job market today is a strange dual reality, in which employers say they cannot find qualified people for certain positions, while millions of long-term unemployed enter another season in which they can’t find a job.

The Conference Board said that certain computer workers and medical professionals find three to five vacancies for each unemployed worker – giving these workers an excellent chance of finding a good job, with a good wage.

However, even some computer and medical professionals are finding it hard, since these fields are quite specialized, and not everyone’s previous work experience qualifies them for the jobs available today. What’s needed are, of course, more new jobs overall. But the economy also needs better capabilities for re-training unemployed workers with skills that are in demand.


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