Tuesday Tip #30: Turn Your Office Into a Mini-Gym

Count exercises done at the office in your daily workout calculations. You can add exercise to your workday without losing time on the job. In fact, you’ll gain extra energy and lower your stress.

  • Use your office chairs, walls and floors for quick tummy-toning exercises, wall stretches, Pilates, or yoga exercises.
  • Whenever possible take the stairs, not the elevator.
  • Walk over to co-workers to give messages or plug ideas.
  • Ask a co-worker to walk with you to lunch.
  • Do some funky dance steps while you file.
  • Park your car farther from the office.

Play It Safe

  • Check with your healthcare provider before starting an exercise program if you have a medical condition or symptoms or a health problem.
  • Always breathe normally during an exercise.
  • If an exercise hurts, stop immediately.