WOW WALL – Juliette McFarlane, MSR

We have another WOW WALL posting….Juliette McFarlane, Member Service Representative.

 The following letter was from a member, Joyce Taub. Juliette sure gave her the WOW Experience.  We are very happy to have you on our TEAM, Juliette!

“I wanted to take the time to let you know how helpful Juliette McFarley has been in the past few weeks.  I have been a member of the NJFCU for over 30 years and have had very few issues.


However, a few weeks ago I requested two checks mailed to me at my summer address, and by mistake the checks were sent to my Miami address.  I had been waiting for the checks that I needed and wasn’t sure if I should stop payment and wait for new checks.  Juliette worked very hard checking with your bank to sort out the problem and get back to me, although I didn’t expect to hear from her again.


This was a real inconvenience to me, but Juliette made the process so much easier.  It was such a pleasant experience to have someone take that extra step, that now she is the only one I want to deal with because I* know my request will be handled promptly and correctly.

I have thanked her, but wanted you to be aware of how helpful she has been.  It is an unexpected surprise to deal with someone who takes her job so professionately that I had to send this e/m.”


- Joyce Taub